#MotivationMonday: Are You Eating the Right Thing Post Workout?

There are definitely rights and wrongs when it comes to re-fueling.

Working out is more popular than ever. It’s almost an essential part of modern culture. That being said, there are a lot of things we’re consistently learning about working out that teach us how to maximize the process. If you’re at the gym for several hours a week, it’s something that you’re dedicating a good amount of time towards. That means you should be doing your best to properly recover and maximize the benefits of your workout.

Here are five foods that are great for post workout:

Whey Protein

This is probably the most commonly known post-workout habit. Whey will replenish your protein source and spike your insulin levels, which tells your muscles to start the rebuilding process. It’s a great way to build lean muscle and burn excess fat. There are TONS of options out there, and if you’re willing to spend a bit of extra money, grab something natural without any excess chemical or bio-based ingredients. Mix it into a shake with some milk and peanut butter


Eggs are packed with protein and healthy¬†amino acids. Don’t be fooled by the rumors that the yolks are bad for you, either. They include almost half of the beneficial ingredients. Cook them however you prefer, and enjoy them on a piece of whole wheat toast.


These naturally fatty balls of deliciousness are packed with healthy fat for muscle recover and vitamins to boost your metabolism. A certain level of fat is essential in a healthy diet as it aids in keeping your joints flexible. Slice your avocado on the side of your eggs or eat it on it’s own with a dash of pepper.

Chocolate Milk

Blake Griffin wasn’t lying! If you’re going balls to the wall and maxing out at the gym, chocolate milk really is an excellent after workout drink. It’s full of protein for muscle recovery as well as carbohydrates to re-boost your energy levels. Making it yourself will ensure that you’re not overdoing it on the sugar. Grab some higher end powder and mix it up with your favorite milk.

Green Tea

The benefits of green tea just keep on stacking up! It’s a caffeinated mixture of energy boost and antioxidants for a full, healthy recovery. You can drink it hot or cold. It’s a great idea to make it before you go to the gym so that when you get home it’s all ready to go!

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