#MotivationMonday: Are You Warming Up Properly?

After a long weekend of either festival or holiday debauchery, warming up before your workout is more important than ever!

It’s pretty much universally agreed, properly warming up sucks. It’s boring, it can be tough to get moving, we’ve heard (and thought) it all. However, warming up is kind of like the breakfast of your workout (the most important part). If you’re not warming up properly, you’re going to risk injuring yourself, which will keep you out of the gym for an extended period of time and run the risk of causing you to gain weight and become unhealthy.

A true warm up should do exactly what it says, warm you up. You should be sweating or on the verge of sweating when you’re finished. Even if you’re only going into the gym to lift your shoulders or chest, you should go ahead and warm up your whole body so that you can get the most out of your workout.

Not only will you eliminate a lot of your health and injury risk, you’ll have lots more energy going into your workout, which will create more effective results in the long run. You may even have some extra energy for some cardio after your workout!

In order to ensure you’re warming up properly, here’s an easy routine you can start making part of your workout regimen:

Jump Rope – 2 minutes

Jumping Jacks – 50 reps

Body Weight Squats – 20 reps

Lunges – 5 reps on each side

Hip Rotations – 5 reps on each side

Forward Leg Swing Lifts – 10 reps each side

Side Leg Swing Lifts – 10 reps each side

Pushups – 20 reps

Spiderman Walk – 10 reps each side

This routine was taken from Nerd Fitness, here’s a video demonstrating the entire thing:

header image via UBCblogs.com

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