#MotivationMonday: Boost Your Burn with This Quick Workout

It’s something absolutely everyone has access to.

Getting a workout during the holidays is always tough. It’s a time of overindulgence and relaxation. If you’re looking for something to do or you want to burn off some of those extra calories from Grandma’s pecan pie, hit the stairs!

Working out on stairs will majorly increase the impact of your workout. Not only will your heart rate spike, but you’ll also experience more of a muscle burn than simply going for a run around the neighborhood.

Here’s a quick routine so at least you have a goal in mind:

Find a set of stairs that’s at least 10 high with a handrail.

Warm up: 60 seconds of controlled running up and down

1 Minute: Stair Lunges, two at a time, all the way up, come back to the bottom, start again

1 Minute: Vigorously run up the flight as fast as you can, come back down, repeat

1 Minute: Controlled reverse 2 step lunge, go to the top and face backwards, lowering your body down 2 steps at a time while holding the handrail, once at the bottom, run back to top and repeat

1 Minute: Decline push ups, put your feet on the 2nd or 3rd step from the bottom and perform controlled push ups on the ground

Cool down: walk up and down the stairs, stretch the muscles and be sure to hold the hand rail so your tired legs don’t catch the step and make you fall on your face!


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