#MotivationMonday: Do Your Fitness Homework

A personal story of motivation.

So I bit the bullet and decided to finally start taking fitness seriously. Not just in the sense of ensuring that I make it to the gym, but in actually learning about my body, how it works and what it requires in order to respond properly.

Some Backstory: I played sports all throughout my youth and have always had an athletic build, but as I grow older (just turned 30) and am filling my days with work more than play, I’ve seen losses in muscle and energy. I’ve been a pretty typical gym-goer for the last 5 years or so in the sense that I’ll make it in 3-4 times a week and be there for about an hour, working out moderately hard. I have a lot of experience in the gym so I can go through a TON of different workouts, without really having any idea what the best way to workout is. I’d stay dedicated for a month or two and start to see some results but then the results would plateau, which led me to fall off the wagon and go another two months without working out at all. I went through this cycle countless times in my 20’s and figured as long as I wasn’t getting fat it was ok.

The Turning Point: I recently had a big realization that riding this fitness roller coaster was reflecting on my daily life more so than just how I looked with my shirt off. I was lacking motivation at work. I was lethargic in my friendships. Basically I was letting myself be less than the best version of me. That’s when I decided that it was time to make a lifestyle choice and actually work towards learning how fitness works rather than just scoot by on the periphery of good health.

My Plan: I’ve been doing a lot of reading online about how certain workouts affect the body’s chemistry. Also about dieting and how it’s not necessary to eat completely clean if you’re staying active in the gym. Overall, it’s become a learning experience as much as it has a personal challenge, and I’m loving it. Working out is no longer a chore to maintain health, its an activity that actually engages my brain as much as my musculature.

The Takeaway: Are you someone like me who wishes they could be in better shape but always makes excuses for yourself? Do you wish you had more energy during the day and a higher passion for life? Would you love to be able to fit into your clothes the way they were designed to fit? I know these all sound like an infomercial, but if you do your fitness homework you’ll see how much better life can be when you’re working towards attainable goals and actually understanding what’s happening throughout the process rather than just accepting the “5 Steps to Getting Ripped” in a magazine. Mainly, you can be a fitness nerd without being a steroid pumping bro.

Some great places to get started:


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