#MotivationMonday: Give It A Rest

Rest like the best.

If you’re someone who likes to workout, odds are you’ve tried several different routines. Crossfit, yoga, weights…there are a TON of different ways to workout. One of the most consistent things about common workout routines is a rest day. It may not cross our minds how important taking that rest day is, but it can be a majorly contributing factor in the process of getting fit.

Why Rest is Important

Essentially what’s happening when you workout is you’re tearing your muscles in a way that will force them to heal themselves, which makes them stronger. Without a rest day, your body doesn’t have time to properly recover. If you’re working out specific muscle groups on given days, leave at least day between working out that same group to maximize your growth potential.

How to Rest

If your workout consists of a full body routine that’s taxing on your entire set of muscles, you need to take a day of doing no overly straining activity to recover. This doesn’t mean lay in bed all day, but don’t go on a run or go lift. If you must do something, a light stretch session is always nice. If you are focusing on specific muscle groups each day, then a rest day is only in relation to the group you worked the previous day. There’s no need to skip working out all together. Go for a run or stretch your muscles to get back to full strength sooner.

Rest is equally as important to getting fit as the workout itself. If you overexert yourself and don’t rest, you’ll be prone to injury, which will sideline you much longer than a rest day. Also, be sure you’re not resting for more than a day or two because with any more time than that you run the risk of losing motivation. Lightweight stretching or beginner’s yoga is a great way to keep the blood flowing without overexerting.

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