#MotivationMonday: Here’s How to Make Your Jackets Fit Better

Interested in filling out your jacket so it’ll fit you like it’s supposed to? Here’s how…

As the weather begins to turn towards fall and winter (or hopefully it will eventually), we’re getting more chances to reach for jackets and coats. If you find yourself as someone who’s in between sizing or just cant find something that fits just right, take to the gym to fix this problem as opposed to the tailor.

Bulking up your shoulders will almost always make a jacket fit better. By building your muscles you’ll broaden the shoulder plate and fill out the back area wonderfully. You’ll also improve your posture which will allow the buttons or zipper to be used properly.

Here are a few workouts to get you on your way. Before you begin, be sure to warm up with 40 jumping jacks and 30 seconds of arm circles both forward and backward.

Military Press

This classic workout is excellent to target the shoulders and build upper body strength. If you’re looking for some serious gains, lift enough weight that 6 reps is difficult. Once it becomes easier, add weight.

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

These are great for forming defined shoulder caps. As these grow, you’ll start to fill out your blazers and suit jackets much better. Also lift enough to get 6 reps, if it’s easy, do more weight.

Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise

The shoulder is divided into different, smaller muscle groups, so you have to work them individually. This workout will define the rear shoulder and upper back to fill out any excess fabric in your jacket. Same as before on reps, 6 or less.

That’s it! These three workouts done once a week will start to increase your muscle definition and have you fitting into your clothes like never before!

Always be safe when lifting heavy. Click the title of the workouts to see a video demonstration on the proper form. If you’re doing them wrong, you’re going to get hurt or fail to see any real gains.

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