#MotivationMonday: How to Track How Well You’re Sleeping

It’s not just the amount of sleep you’re getting, but the quality also matters.

As of late, we’ve been doing a lot of traveling. We both go someplace at least every other week and are constantly in different time zones. Though this may seem like a ton of fun (and it is), it can be extremely difficult on our sleep patterns. When we’re back home we always try to get back into a normal sleep pattern of five to seven hours a night and even feel like we are adjusted, but we still feel exhausted.

The people at Beautyrest reached out to us and their offer couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. They had us test out the new Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor, which is basically a way to turn your bed into a “smart bed” and change your life for the better.

The Beautyrest Sleeptracker is a device that is super easy to setup. You simply place the monitors under your mattress (if you have a sleep partner, it will monitor their pattern as well). Once installed, the fun begins. Next, you download the Beautyrest Sleeptracker app, which will require you to put in some personal information, and you’re set. This thing is a real smart bed, as you don’t need to be monitoring it, nor do you need to wear any annoying wristbands or watches. It tracks when you go to bed, and when you wake up. The analysis Sleep coach tracks your sleep improvement and provides you with in-depth insight on how to improve your sleep, WE LOVE IT!

The cherry on top is that it gives you a breakdown of how you slept. Was it light sleep, REM, or Deep Sleep? I always wondered the type of rest I was getting and now I know exactly! Take a peek at my sleep pattern.

A very special thank you to Beautyrest for sponsoring this post.

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