#MotivationMonday: The Best Spring Workout Routine

There’s no time like the present to get yourself in beach, lake or pool shape! Here’s how…

It’s official! Winter is over. No more excuses to be out of shape and flabby. Sooner than later, summer will be here and wouldn’t you rather be excited to accept that pool party invitation than nervous about being seen with no shirt? The best way to shed weight fast is to start cutting carbs from your diet and replacing them with protein and fiber. Boost the amount of chicken, salmon, nuts, veggies, and beans that you’re eating and lessen the amount of bread, fruit, and sweets. Also, as an adult male, you should be drinking as close to a gallon of water a day that you can.

In addition to altering your diet, a great way to speed up the process of weight loss and muscle gain is to do an intense bodyweight workout routine. If you’re someone who goes to the gym and half asses it on the elliptical for 30 minutes or only focuses on lifting heavy weights, stop it. Take measurements of yourself, as well as progress photos and then do this routine, combined with your new diet for two weeks, then re-measure and re-photograph. We’re willing to bet you’ll be thrilled by how quickly you see results.

Here’s your new routine. Perform it at least three times a week. If you’re not too sore, try to go for five days. Also, always remember to warm up your muscles before a workout like this.

Do each workout back to back without any rest (or as little as you can stand) in between, then rest for 3 minutes between sets. You’re doing five total sets.

10 burpees

15 bench jumps

30 pushups

40 squats

50 lunges

If you can’t complete the workout’s full five sets, do as much as you can and work your way up to it. Soon enough you’ll be feeling great and looking even better!

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