#MotivationMonday: The Most Important Workout There Is

If you only do one, let it be this.

It’s highly debated which muscles are most important for the best health, but most experts agree that it’s a toss up. To obtain maximum health, you should be focusing on your entire body. By working everything, you’ll ensure that nothing becomes too weak and susceptible to injury.

However, if you’re not that interested in hitting the gym but want to be as healthy as possible, you should at least be working your core. Core muscles, including the abs, obliques, and lower back, are highly responsible for the function of the rest of your body. By strengthening these, you will eliminate back pain as well as posture issues that can occur from sitting at a desk all day or slouching.

Additionally, it will help you to breathe better because of having strengthened the breathing muscles as well as building your posture in a way that promotes healthy breathing.

One more benefit is a slimmer waistline to ensure that your clothes fit as they were originally intended by the designer.

Here’s a great core workout to ensure yourself maximum health benefits:

Swiss Ball Crunch

Using a swiss ball under your middle back, with your feet planted firmly on the ground, put both hands behind your head and raise into a crunch position slowly and hold at the top of the movement for a beat, then slowly return to the start. This will work the upper section of your abs.

Perform 3 sets of 15 reps

Flutter Kick

Lying on your back with your hands to your sides and legs fully extended, lift your heels off of the ground, one higher than the other. Start switching between each leg being the higher and lower placed, almost as if you’re kicking under water. This will work the lower section of your abs.

Perform 3 sets of 20 reps


One of the most classic core workouts, this move will strengthen your entire core, but it takes time. Don’t let yourself off the hook by quitting too soon. Brace your bodyweight on your toes and your elbows, with your hands directly under your face. Hold your body in a straight line above the ground.

3 sets of 90 seconds

Medicine Ball Twists

Seated on the ground, holding a medicine ball with both hands, lift your feet from the ground, balancing on your butt. Start rotating with the ball to each side of your body, allowing it to lightly touch the ground on each side. This will work your oblique up the side of your abdominal muscles.

Perform 3 sets of 30 reps

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