#MotivationMonday: When to Say When

As long as you’re not striving to be the next Ah-Nold, there should always be limits.

Working out regularly is tough. Life throws distractions in our way. If you’re not trying to become an actual competitive body builder or the next hot piece on stage for Magic Mike’s new Vegas show, then you must recognize when to say when.

Continuing to work out 3-5 days a week is a lifestyle. Some people love it, others don’t. If you’re part of the latter, don’t feel ashamed of yourself for taking a day or two off. However, be aware that regular skipping is often related to long periods of unwarranted self forgiveness and workout drought.

That being said, if your workouts are more of a struggle than going to the dentist, try something else. There are TONS of different ways to workout. Just because your buddy across the hall enjoys his crossfit so much (we get it, Jeremy, stop talking about it), doesn’t mean you absolutely have to be working out in the same ways or levels of intensity.

Although certain magazines and ads would have you believe that being fit is about being absolutely shredded, ultimately it’s really about being healthy. If going for a run after work or meeting your buddies for a couple games of pickup basketball makes you feel healthy, then stick with that! Don’t be unrealistic about your own personal goals. To be honest, if you’re able to look past society’s temptations of the necessity to look like an Adonis, feel fortunate. You’re one of the lucky ones.


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