My New Favorite Hobby: Wedding Planning!?

Ever since I got engaged it has been a whirlwind of a ride.  If you thought to pick the right engagement ring was a process, wait till you have to plan your wedding!

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I know a lot of guys that want nothing to do with the wedding process and planning one of the biggest days of their life.  If you are one of those guys, stop now!  Getting involved in the process was one of the best things I could have done.  I think I might even be a little sad when it’s all over.

My fiance Raedawn and I are just 3 Months into the whole process but I feel like we are on a roll!  Venue. Check! Caterer. Check! Save the dates and Invitations? We are close!

And guys, let me tell you if your fiance is anything like mine the first thing she is going to ask you after you propose and comes out of shock is, “Did you get this ring insured?  Luckily, I could say yes!  After buying the ring, I realized this was the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought in my life and it is also one of the smallest things I’ve ever bought.  I chose Jewelers Mutual Insurance as my insurance agency and couldn’t be happier.  The process was so simple and easy. Just fill out a few questions and you get an instant quote!

Guys get involved in the wedding process.  It’s great bonding time for you and your fiance plus you’ll get to sneak a few items into the registry for yourself!  To be honest, you’re kind of the one who starts the whole process when you pick out that special ring.  And if you need some help figuring where to start, check out this great INFOGRAPHIC that breaks down the statistics of choosing the right ring.

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Good luck guys!

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