Netflix Sunday: Thank God for Jokes

A hilarious stand up special from seasoned comedian Mike Birbiglia.

Stand up specials are a lot of fun…until they’re not. Face it, not being in the crowd can be tough. Watching a special from the couch means that it has to grab you even harder than when you’re at a comedy club or theater.

Birbiglia’s Thank God for Jokes does just that. He’s one of those comedians with an extremely loyal following but who’s not necessarily recognized by everyone. His guest appearance in Orange Is The New Black, as well as his own personal projects, Sleepwalk With Me and Don’t Think Twice, have solidified him as one of the most reliable comedians in Hollywood. His storytelling style is totally classic, with his own personal twists thrown in. It’s one of the first specials that has some very clear through lines, strengthening the material throughout.

He explains his own idea of what makes up a joke. He breaks it down and hilariously provides examples. The writing is beyond impressive and worth a watch if nothing else.

Check out the trailer below and treat yourself to some laughs as soon as possible!


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