Our New Favorite Fitting Suits

We had the chance to try the new “tailored fit” from suiting company Combatant Gentlemen.  The tailored fit is made for a more athletic body type with more room in the chest and shoulder but with a slim taper in the waist.  I was especially excited to try this new style because this sounded like exactly the fit I look for in a suit.  And it was.


The tailored fit from Combat Gent has to be my favorite of the three fits they have.  I didn’t have to do any tailoring at all to the jacket and the pants only needed a quick hem and slight taper below the knee.  It is nice that all of Combat Gent’s pants come with an unfinished hem so you are pretty much forced to get your pants hemmed.  So many people get a suit off the rack and do nothing because their pants “aren’t that bad”.  We say anything more that a half break is too much.

Combat Gent Tailored Suit

Combat Gent went with a wider 3.5″ lapel on the blazer which makes a bold statement.

Combat Gent Tailored Suit

They also partnered with the renowned Italian Cotton mill Fortex to create all the fabrics for the suit.

Combat Gent Tailored Suit

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