Our New Studio Space!

When we moved into our space in July we had a vision for how we wanted the space to look.  Being as picky as we are we knew this was going to take some time.  So here we are 6 months later and still nowhere near done but we can say we have finally finished one section of the space, our studio.

We were lucky enough to team up with Article.com to help us curate this section of the office.  Blake and I love mid-century modern pieces that have a little edge to them.  As you can see from the look of the studio we were able to find just that.  Being guys, we wanted to go with a darker palette to set the tone.  We wanted the space to feel like you just stepped into a big city loft or an upgraded bachelor pad, the keyword being “upgraded” guys.

So we started off with the Nirvana Sofa in the ‘Dakota Smoke’ color.  The color and texture of this piece really gives a refined rough-around-the-edges vibe.  The slim arms and frame give a nice contrast to the extremely soft, sinkable cushions.

Next, we found a piece that had some height to it.  The Archive Bookcase in walnut was the perfect fit.  We have very high ceilings in the space and with the book shelf being over six feet tall it brought a vertical dimension to the room.  We decided to continue the dark wood into the Amoeba coffee table as well to leave some space for a big pop of color.

We think every room should have an eye-catching statement piece and this Grass Green Sven Armchair was just that.  Not only does it make a statement in sheer size, but the high-shine green velvet really adds the bold pop of color we were looking for.

We finished the look off with the Pivot Black Floor Lamp.  I loved the fact this lamp looked like a giant desk lamp but also the fact that it was just as adjustable.  You can easily direct light wherever you want it.  We thought it appropriate to shine some light on our cocktails.  They were quickly enjoyed within minutes of this shot being taken.

Take a quick video tour and check out the ease of setup:


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