Our Top Picks for Winter Fashion 2016

Although it’s been weirdly hot, it’s never too early to start prepping for when the weather turns.

We find ourselves in a rather interesting fall this season, while some days merit a light sweater and jeans, others require a heavy knit with a wool topcoat to block out the harsh weather. It’s a strange time for our wardrobes. However, with winter inbound and reports of drastic temperature drops, we begin to focus in on beefing up our closets with the warmest and most stylish options. To keep you cozy on the inside and styling on the outside despite what Old Man Winter’s throwing at you, check out our list of must haves for the winter season.

Duffle Coat

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Scotsmen know their wool. Hence the creation of the Duffle Coat, a heavy hitter made of wool features, a hood and unique toggle buttons. A statement piece with function, the Duffle was meant to keep the Scots warm in the cold, damp climates of the Scottish Highlands. It’s easily paired with almost any fall or winter outfit. For those dropping fall temperatures, pair it with a simple T-shirt or sweater depending on the weather. For harsher, winter temperatures, opt for a heavy turtleneck or knit sweater. Jeans, Chinos or tweed pants of simple earth tones will help contrast the changing colors outside. The duffle itself comes in various colors such as the popular Navy Blue, Camel, Burgundies, Forest Greens and Black Wools. Other variations include tartan and plaid patterns to pay homage to its Scottish Heritage. Regardless of how you wear the Duffle its sure to keep you warm on your travels.

Shearling Collar

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A classic, elegant touch that takes any jacket to the next level. Shearling Collars were synonymous with the aviators and wealthy aristocrats of the 20th century. Generally featured on topcoats or bombers, a shearling collar adds a touch of flair and practicality with its warming fur to keep your neck safe from whatever winter throws at it. With a collar featured on an aviator leather or wool bomber, plenty of layering options are possible. You can look slick with a powerful turtleneck or cable knit for warmth or stick with a classic button up for a warmer, casual look. Pop it over a suit for an adventurous dash of distinction. As for top coats featuring the collar, break out your best formal attire to add the extra flair to your outfit. You can even dress the coat down with a sweater underneath for a simple yet elegant look.

Fisherman Beanie

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Whether you’re protecting your head from the elements or hiding a bad hair day, a quality beanie is a must for winter season. Picking a well-made, timeless knit is a game changer. A fisherman, or watchmen cap is generally a higher cuffed knit that can either sit above the ears for a unique look that can go from the unloading cargo at the docks to ordering a scotch on the rocks. However, it proves impractical in the harsher temperatures as it leaves your ears unprotected. Opting for one that covers the ears but retains the unique cuffed style is your best bet for a year round piece. They are featured it a variety of different knits such as cable, waffle and ribbed. As for colors, depending on your personal tastes, any earthy, muted tone will work. Typically going for a darker color such a black, grey or navy can be easily matched with a winter wardrobe. It’s also fun to style out with classic red, maroon or burgundy.

Heavy Hitting Scarf

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Whether you’re an esteemed poet writing in a French café, or enjoying a après ski cocktail in the lodge bar, a scarf is a heavy hitter for any gent’s closet. An essential accessory for the fall / winter wardrobe, a quality scarf is a smart investment to help combat the elements this season. Ranging from stylish silk, to comforting flannel, to insulating wool, scarves come in a variety of styles and materials. Focusing on winter accessorizing, sticking with a flannel or wool scarf is a wise decision. Bring an outfit together with a plain colored wool, or add a pop to a conservative outfit with a patterned scarf, whether it be paisley, tartan, pinstripe or other. For the more unbearable winter temperatures opt for an heavy wool knit, while they may be mistaken for a blanket, they provide plenty or warmth to your body.


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Even though winter can be shitty, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to look like it. Stock up on the warmest options and keep an eye out for sales on summer gear, with brands getting rid of their 2016 summer collections, it’s a great time to grab the must haves you missed this past summer at a fraction of the price.

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