Shoe Giveaway – Toecap by Combatant Gentlemen

We’ve teamed up with Combatant Gentlemen this week to show case their new shoe collection.  Everything Combatant Gent has done for suits they are now doing for shoes.  And by that we mean bringing you a quality fashion forward product that won’t break the bank.  With all their shoes under $100 you can’t really beat it.

Unless you could get them for free that is….  This week we are running a shoe giveaway to give you and two friends a pair of shoes and $100 gift cards.  That’s right! A pair of shoes and 100 bucks for you and your two best amigos.  Choose wisely and enter here: SHOE GIVEAWAY


Photo: @Devanondeck


Photo: @Devanondeck


Photo: @Devanondeck

Check out the collection here. Let us know what you think in the comments below!gents lounge Toecap 3 Toecap 4


  1. i loved the sneakers on all of their color ways, also a huge fan of the chelsea boots and the suede monks! i hope i can win some!

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