Style Advice: Clean your Sneakers

We hope you wouldn’t walk out of the house with stains on your clothes, so why are you ok with walking around in dirty sneakers?  Dirty sneaks are the equivalent of dirty fingernails. People will notice.  Luckily for you, there are some easy steps you can take to keep your sneakers fresh and clean for years to come.

  • Treat your shoes from day 1

The minute you get your shoes home treat them with some sort of water-repellent spray.  This is a good habit to get into because the spray will make day-to-day dirt and grime much easier to clean.  Spray the repellent and then take a damp cloth to the shoes and you’re good as new.

  • Have a shoe cleaning kit

This is important because shoe cleaners are formulated specifically to work with shoe specific fabrics. There are many shoe cleaning kits out there. Personally, we like Jason Markk shoe cleaner because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and it’s safe on all colors and materials.

  • Be Careful

The easiest way to keep your shoes clean is to not get them dirty. Granted, dirty shoes aren’t always caused by the wearer but a little self-awareness goes a long way in keeping those soles clean.


We found the dirtiest shoes in our closets and put the Jason Markk shoe cleaner to the test.

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