Style Advice: Join the Athleisure Movement

Athleisure is the modern style of clothing that’s fit for the gym as well as your everyday life. It’s become more than just a way to dress, it’s a lifestyle. Many brands have started pumping out their individual takes on Athleisure and we’re loving what we see.

Now that we’re all busier than ever, it’s great to be able to know that maintaining a functional lifestyle doesn’t require you to sacrifice how you’re dressed. Stylish designs and technologically advanced materials are being incorporated together in some pretty excellent ways. If your lifestyle is an active one, you should be comfortable, which thankfully no longer means looking sloppy.

Rhone Athletic is a brand that innovates. They create men’s clothes for most any situation. If you’re running errands, hopping on a flight or headed to the gym, they’ve got a look that will keep you looking great and feeling even better. Here are some of our favorite options or check them out on their website,

If you’re more focused on the fashion side of things, you’ll want to check out 2(x)ist. Their fashion forward designs and quality materials are great for standing out while you’re getting things done. Slim fits and modern details create an interesting aesthetic from the brand’s new releases. Here are some of our favorites or check out their website,

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