Style Advice: Why You Should Be Wearing Linen This Spring

Linen is one of the first fibers that people made into clothes.  Before that it was the skins and hides of animals or maybe a big leaf or two.  Needless to say, one is a bit warm in the spring/summer and the other doesn’t last much longer than a day. It is a very versatile fabric that comes from the flax plant. Flax is a tall, reed-like plant, with long fibers which make it easy to spin into thread.

Not just for the beach

Keep cool, Stay classy

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Linen is highly breathable, much more so than cotton due to its comparatively lower thread counts.  For Example, a similar quality cotton fabric would end up being about double the thread count, and in turn double the weight. Along with being very light, linen is also very absorbent. So not only will you stay overall cooler in it, you will also be less likely to sweat through your garments.

Speaking of sweat, linen is also hypoallergenic, which means sweat won’t break down the fabrics as fast as it would others.  Fear not wearing a linen suit in 100 degree weather, you will be hot but your outfit will be fine to wear another day.  After a good cleaning of course.

Embrace the wrinkles

The one downfall of linen and the reason most people shy away from it is because of its likeliness to wrinkle.  We have been brought up to see wrinkles as  a bad thing.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, when is hot out, wrinkles are your best friend.  When your clothes wrinkle it creates little pockets of air so less fabric is directly touching your skin. Less fabric on your skin = less heat your body has to deal with.  Linen is basically old school air conditioning.

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Linen is like a fine wine

Linen actually gets better over time if you take care of it.  Linen may feel a little rough at first, but the more you wear it will actually smooth out and get a great shine to it after a few years.  When picking a linen suit choose a timeless cut with mid-size lapels and a more relaxed pant because it will be around for years to come and still looking good.


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