Style Advice: You Should be Spending More on White Tees

Made famous by Brando and James Dean in the mid-20th century, a clean white t-shirt has remained a staple in any modern man’s wardrobe. Now, with better materials, brands are creating the best tees ever. It’s time to ditch the 5-pack of V necks and drop a bit more cash on your white tee wardrobe. Here are some options we love and know you will too.

Jason Scott ‘Raymond Crew’

Jason Scott TeeMaterial: 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton

Price: $65

Where to Buy: Jason Scott

When to Wear: While sipping on bottomless mimosas with your significant other at Saturday Brunch.

Why It’s Worth the $$: It’ll be the softest shirt in your drawer. The pima cotton feels so nice against your skin that you’ll justify wearing it instead of a button up or polo.

Buck mason white sand venice wash slub

Buck Mason Tee

Material: 100% Slub Cotton

Price: $32

Where to Buy: Buck Mason

When to Wear: While you’re changing a tire or building something made out of wood.

Why It’s Worth the $$: The rounded shirt tail adds a bit of a tailored effect in an area that can sometimes be tricky with tees. Plus, if it’s gonna make you look as cool as this guy you’d be a fool not to get one.

Son of a tailor ce no.2

Son of a Tailor Tee

Material: 95% Organic Cotton/5% Elastane

Price: $60

Where to Buy: Son of a Tailor

When to Wear: As an alternative with your suit or blazer.

Why It’s Worth the $$: It’s a fully customized tailored t-shirt! You’re getting a one-of-a-kind piece that will likely fit you better than any shirt you buy at the store. There are also other customization options for the neckline, sleeves and hem if you’re looking for something a bit more non-traditional.

Mack weldon silver

Mack Weldon Tee

Material: 84% Pima Cotton/10% XT2/6% Lycra

Price: $42

Where to Buy: Mack Weldon

When to Wear: During activities that are likely to make you a bit sweaty, i.e. moving, carpentry, tossing football, urban hiking…man stuff.

Why It’s Worth the $$: They’ve blended the softest Pima cotton with the moisture wicking and antimicrobial silver XT2 so that the shirt will stay fresher longer. Basically put, you’re going to get more comfortable, stank-free wears before having to throw it in the hamper.

All saints ‘sever crew’

All Saints Tee

Material: 100% Cotton with 100% Silk Trim

Price: $75

Where to Buy: All Saints

When to Wear: Under your All Saints (or other, comparably rad) leather jacket while sipping an espresso and reading Dostoevsky.

Why It’s Worth the $$: You’ll be hard pressed to find something that All Saints doesn’t do well. This shirt will drape in all of the right places, enveloping you in comfort. However, beware, once worn it will be tough to rock something lesser.


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