Style Rules: Know Your Brogues

For the longest time I never knew the difference between brogues and wingtips.  It always seemed like the two were interchangeable when talking about dress shoes or shopping online.  Let’s clear this up right now.  Brogues are any type of shoe with the decorative perforations you would find on a pair of wingtips, captoes, or monkstraps.  It’s the decorative perforations that make them “brogues”

There are three types of brogues you should be aware of: The Full Brogue, The Semi (or half) Brogue, and the Quarter Brogue.  To keep it simple, just remember the only difference between the three is the amount of decoration on the shoe.

The Full Brogue

 You will find decoration from font to back on this shoe. Usually a wingtip design.

full brogue

 The Semi Brogue

  You will find a toe cap with decorative perforations along the cap’s edge and includes additional decorative perforations in the center of the toe cap.semi brogue

The Quarter Brogue

A captoe design similar to the semi brogue without the additional perforations on the center of the toe cap.

quarter brogue

Do you know your brogues?

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