Style Rules: The First 2 Dress Shoes Every Guy Should Own

When it comes to finding the one perfect pair of dress shoes the answer is simple. Get two.  You’re going to need a black shoe and a brown shoe, the styles and amount you choose to spend are totally up to you. Almost.  Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

how to buy dress shoes

1. ColoR

When you’re choosing your first dress shoes your going to want to go with a black shoe and a brown shoe.  Black is more formal than brown so you’ll want to keep the style of the black shoe more subtle than the brown.

2. Style

Style is totally your preference though we would suggest a Black Oxford and a Brown Brogue.  Once again it comes down to class. A good rule of thumb is the busier the shoe the less formal it is.  If you only have two pairs of shoes, have fun with the brown ones and keep the blacks classy.

3. Price

How much do you spend on your first pair of dress shoes?  Well, that all depends on your budget but you can find quality dress shoes for just over $100.  If you a looking in that range we suggest men’s shoe brand ‘Just A Men Shoe

Here are some suggestions for your “firsts” your won’t regret:

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