Style Tips: Adjusting Your Style as You Age

As the weeks, months and years fly by like a newsfeed, it’s time to face the facts….

…we’re getting older. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. (Insert your Uncle’s “It’s better than the alternative. Yuk. Yuk”, joke here).  As we push forward, so must our dress decisions. It’s time to leave the Versace shirts to Conor McGregor and Jaden Smith. It’s time to think versatile over trendy.

Start with three staples; the navy blazer, the black leather jacket, and the denim jacket. Ralph Lauren BlazerRalph Lauren’s navy blazer (pictured left) is a personal favorite of ours. Whatever route you go, you’d be wise to stay away from navy blazers with gold buttons to avoid a prep school administrator look…unless of course you’re a prep school administrator.

Fit trumps everything when it comes to the leather and denim. Find a brand that works for your frame and make your selection more snug than roomy.

Underneath your jacket you have more of a pallet to paint on. Still have that concert t-shirt from the Blur tour in 2003? Perfect. Have you been knocking out the workouts since January? A fitted henley tee will help accentuate your assets. Lucky brand offers a nice one here.

Another essential is a cotton Polo like this one from Pretty Green.

Shoes could have an article all on their own.  If you’re over 40, you shouldn’t have the same sneakers as Russell Westbrook. When it comes to cool classics, last year’s rebranding of the Chuck Taylor canvas sneaker was great.Chuck II You can also go with something similar, yet still classic with the Adidas Stan Smith.

Desert boots and Chelsea boots are both great options for going out. Also if you stumble upon a well­-worn pair of leather work boots at the thrift shop, consider it your lucky day.

In the end, just remember that older doesn’t mean boring. Keep things simple and a be sure your clothes fit. Now that you’re looking good you can go back to scoffing at hipsters.

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