Style Tips: Finding Your Perfect “Party Suit”

After you’ve checked off your “Staple Suits” you’re good to have a little more fun and go a bit bolder on your next suit choice.  We like to call this ” The Party Suit”.  Now these suits aren’t only for parties, but parties are where they shine brightest.  Let me explain….

What is a party suit?

A party suit, is something a little bold, something that makes a statement, something that gets the conversation going.  This is a suit that feels at home on the dance floor, at the bar, and even the office christmas party.  The key is to stand out in a good way.

How do i find one?

Well that’s simple! Look for something that fits your style but is on the edge of your comfort zone.  If you’re already a bold suit guy you may have to try a little bit harder, but for most of us a simple style or color change will be just enough.  If you’re a single breasted notch lapel type of guy, try something double breasted in any color other than black.  We suggest a navy or grey with a subtle pattern.  For a more classic guy just a simple bold color choice will be enough.  A vest is always a nice option at parties for two reasons.  One, it will get you a ton of compliments from the ladies (they seem to love the layers).  And two, when you get hot from tearing up the dance floor you can take your jacket off and still look classy as hell.  Just make sure you wore an undershirt and deodorant…. for the obvious reasons.  We like the above pictured from Moods of Norway as a good starting point.

Where do i wear a party suit?

Well, parties for one! But, the party suit isn’t just great for weddings, date nights, happy hour, events, birthdays, and whiskey tasting with the boys.  You can also wear your suit to work, corporate retreats, and formal events if you go bold in more subtle ways.  Make sure you only wear your party suit once every few weeks though.  Remember it’s a statement piece so people will start to notice if you show up every other day in it.  It is also great when you are trying to make a memorable impression.  People will remember the guy in the “fun suit” so it’s up to you to make sure they remember good things. Party on!

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