Test Drive: 2017 Lincoln MKZ

When someone offers to let us drive a brand-spankin’-new car, we say yes.

The world of automobiles is a crazy one as of late. Between driverless developments, emergency stopping capabilities, park assist and many other amazing new technological features, a car is more of an extension of your lifestyle than ever before. Lincoln has embodied this entirely with their new 2017 MKZ.

Instagram1 (1 of 5)We were given the opportunity to learn about and test drive the all new MKZ recently and truly loved the experience. The day started with brunch at Broken Spanish, a forward thinking taqueria in downtown LA that we HIGHLY recommend. The food was incredible. The perfect way to start a day of driving around the busy streets of LA.

After brunch we were walked through the interior and exterior features of the MKZ with the lead designer. Very informative and so in-depth that we’d probably lose you if we discussed everything. For the gear heads out there, check out the MKZ website here for all of the specs.

Instagram1 (3 of 5)At first sight, it’s easy to tell that the MKZ is an awesome piece of machinery. From the sexy chrome grill to the newly designed LED headlamps, a feeling of class and comfort exude from the vehicle.

Our favorite feature was the fully-retracting glass roof, with the option of having it as a sunroof or opening it wider than any other sedan on the market (borderline convertible status).

Instagram1 (5 of 5)Overall, the drive was exceptional. The features (such as cooled seats), the 20 speaker stereo and the engine’s capabilities all make for an extremely enjoyable ride through the streets of LA, which can often be nightmarish. It made sitting in traffic an enjoyable experience, which is no small task.

Once again, check out Lincoln’s website for more information and if you’re in LA, grab a bite at Broken Spanish. The tamales were insane!

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