The 5 Best Bags for Any Traveler

Spring and summer vacations will be here before you know it. Do you have the right type of bag?

Traveling is an art form in and of itself anymore. With fees out the wazoo, you have to be very specific with what you’re bringing or not. Depending on what type of trip you’re taking, what type of person you are and what you plan on doing when you get there, packing accordingly is more important than ever.

Here’s a list of 5 different types of bags as well as who’s best served by them:

The Average Joe

Don’t think that this has a negative connotation. This is actually the easiest to plan for. The Average Joe is the guy who’s traveling very normally, with no excess. A traditional suitcase, like something from Samsonite, will best suit your needs, but be sure you’re using something with wheels. Airports are too big these days to not have something easily transported. Hard shell is trendy, but either way works. Sometimes it’s nice to have the external pockets for your wallet, keys or passport.

The Photographer/Techie

If you’re a photographer at any level, bringing your camera on a vacation is totally essential. Although smartphones do a fantastic job, there’s just nothing like the customization on your DSLR. Hex Brand makes a fantastic camera bag that will also hold a 15″ laptop. Most camera bags will also have plenty of storage space for additional lenses, batteries, a tripod and hard drive storage. They’re offered in lots of different designs, including sling, backpack and duffle.

The Long Weekender

Short trips can oftentimes be the most difficult to pack for because of the tendency to overpack. By bringing a smaller weekender style bag, you’re going to ensure that you can only bring what fits, which won’t be much. It’s a good exercise in packing as well as planning ahead with your looks. Don’t forget to consult the weather report!

The Book Worm

Maybe you’re headed on a Bill Gates style “Think-Week” vacation, and you’re only gonna need a couple of simple outfits the entire time. If that’s the case, head back to school and score yourself a really great backpack. They’re totally acceptable as men’s accessories as long as you’re not wearing one with a suit.

The Businessman’s Special

It’s totally reasonable, these days, to head out of town for a single night on business. If this is the case, you’ll need the clothes you travel in, the suit for your morning meeting, a dopp kit and that’s it! Get yourself a high quality garment bag that can withstand some rain, wind or snow and keep your power suit in tip top shape.

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