The 70 Year Old Shirt Style You Should Be Wearing on Your Next Vacation

One thing is for sure, fashion comes in cycles.  How many times have your heard your parents or teachers say, “We used to wear something just like those when we were younger.”  And of course they are referring to one of the hottest “new” trends you and your friends just picked up.  It’s time to face the music, nothing is really new.

The fact that every fashion move has pretty much been done before is actually kind of exciting if you think about it.  Now it’s all about different combinations of styles.  Pull a polo style from the 70s but combine it with a new fabric style and you have a totally different shirt.  We are always looking to the past to inspire us to create the future.  Speaking of, this spring Turnbull & Asser may have one of the best stories ever of inspiration being literally dropped in your lap.  Or at least mailed into your lap.

Introducing The Rockland Shirt, or “Garment 57”. With a name reminiscent of a Hollywood espionage movie, the shirt and the story behind it make it a must have for the upcoming vacation season.

Shirt Floral double

Floral Rockland Shirt


The Rockland Shirt is based on an archive design; an apple-green short-sleeved silk shirt, that was anonymously returned to the company by its original owner for safekeeping shortly before his death. The owner, a World War II pilot and loyal Turnbull & Asser customer, felt that his remaining family members could not appreciate the personal history of such a piece and therefore returned the shirt to its maker.

You know you’re dealing with some serious brand loyalty when grandpa says, “none of you kids will appreciate this shirt when I’m gone. I’m sending it back to the company who made it.”  And good thing he did just that!

The Letter

The Letter

Head Designer, Dean Gomilsek-Cole immediately fell in love with the shirt and used the cut and style to recreate a modern version. “At the time we were struggling with the idea of how to create a great short-sleeved shirt silhouette, and here I had the answer from 70 years in the past.”

The Rockland Shirt in Navy Spot

The Rockland Shirt in Navy Spot

The Rockland is a luxury interpretation of a beach shirt featuring a short-sleeved construction detailed with piping, two front pockets, and an appropriately named Resort collar for an utterly relaxed look.  It takes us back to a time where cigarettes were good for you and having a few martinis at lunch was expected.  We could all use a little more R&R in our lives these days, this shirt just calls for a drink in one hand, a cigar in the other, and your feet up in the backyard.

Which version would you rock the Floral or the Navy Spot?  Comment below! We can’t decide.


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