The Accessory You’ll Want to Stock Up on This Winter

It’s an ever-important piece that can actually take your look to the next level…or at least your comfort to the highest level.

Boot Socks

ralph4Put yourself in a cold man’s shoes. It shouldn’t be that hard for some of you, because that man is probably you! Winter’s chill is upon us and staying stylish while also staying comfortable can be quite difficult. Here’s how to rock boot socks in the best way possible.

The beauty of a great pair of boots socks is that their thickness keeps your toes toasty ralph3and…what’s the opposite of numb? Not only that, but you can actually wear them over the cuff of your jeans for a fun style move that’s bold and masculine.
Ralph Lauren has been styling their models this way for years, so it’s time we all take a hint from one of the masters and jump on board!

ralph2This guy on the left is even wearing his with sneakers, tucked over the cuff of his jogger sweats. Innovative and crazy comfortable, what’s not to love?

Ultimately it’s a simple piece that can go a long way, keep you comfortable and looking great, which is what fashion is really all about.ralph

Here are some options if you’re convinced you need a pair (or 5):

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