The Classic Spring and Summer Shirt You Should Be Rocking This Year

Can’t go wrong with a classic.

Although it’s a staple piece, the Polo Shirt has seen a rise and fall over the last few years in terms of popularity. Originated by Rene Lacoste, famed tennis pro, the polo is a great shirt for styling casually or formally. It’s been directly linked to preppy influenced styles, however this season it’s fair game for everybody! Here are some ideas on how to style one this year.



One of the oldest, and best, ways is staying casual. Simple shorts, chinos or jeans work great with a polo on a warm day. You can even throw a sweater over your shoulders for later in the evening, but beware that it’s going to skyrocket you on the preppy scale.








A polo is an acceptable alternative to a shirt and tie if you’re attending an outdoor event. Throw it on with an unstructured blazer and you’ll be looking great. You can wear it with a suit or just some simple chinos and a blazer.



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If edgy is your thing, then a polo can absolutely still work. You’ll probably want to stick to darker colors like gray, black, or dark navy. Accessorize with a hat or some other edgier pieces and you’re in business. This is also a perfect look to combine with sneakers or even some boots.





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