The Day-to-Night Summer Accessory You Need Today

Every modern man needs one…

Sometimes there can be a stigma to men carrying bags, a “murse” if you will. Regardless, at the end of the day, we all need aessentialmanbag3place to keep our things, right? Call it what you’d like, a man bag, a satchel, a laptop case, a briefcase, whatever helps you to sleep at night. But it’s time you invest in one; it can ask easily transition you from day to night. Our choice is this bag from
which is a neutral dark leather option with plenty of pocket spaces in and out for all of your in and outs.

Summer is the season where it’s most essential to have a bag, you wear the lightest layers and don’t want extra stuff filling up your pockets. It keeps you from getting caught in the rain by storing your compact umbrella, it keeps your hydration levels at 100 with a gentlemanly water bottle and you’ll never be without a pen if you just so happen to jot down a note. Which argumentatively, you could just type it in your iPhone, but I’m an old-school guy who likes a handwritten note.

essentialbag1When you leave work for the day and get a last minute invitation to a take in a movie or music in the park, you can keep a thin throw to add a little class and comfort to your grassy spot. My choice is this blue gray throw from Nate Berkus for Target, it’s a neutral color that will present a nice background may you decide to craft a night in the park themed flat-lay.
Moral of the story, keep your summer and your pockets light and always be prepared.

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