The Easiest Way to Recover from a Big Weekend

It’s Monday Motivation time, gents! We hope everyone had a good weekend. For those of you recovering from Coachella or your NBA team getting upset, we have just the trick(s) to staying motivated and properly repairing yourself this week.

Mondays are tough, we get that. Not only is it the first day of the week, but as the summer approaches, Sunday Funday seems to last longer and longer into the night, right? Feeling better is four easy steps away. They’ll flush your system of the weekend toxins and jumpstart your body for the rest of the week. The first thing you need to focus on is…

  1. Water: As obvious as that may seem, a lot of people instantly jump to soda or coffee to cure their hangover and forget that consistently drinking water will make them feel exponentially better in the long run. The old idea of eight glasses a day is a bit outdated. A 6 foot man should be drinking closer to a gallon of water each day. Start your day by chugging a 24 ounce glass and that’s three of your recommended eight ounce glasses out of the way immediately.
  2. Eat Something: Even if it’s not something extremely healthy, don’t let yourself think that because you binge ate and drank all weekend that not eating anything until Thursday is a smart move. Ease into things with a moderately heavy breakfast on Monday morning and by the time lunch rolls around on Tuesday you’ll be ready for a kale salad again.
  3. Don’t Skip the Gym: Sure, it’s probably going to be ugly. You won’t be able to work as hard as you’d like, but the practice of being there and breaking even the weakest of sweats is better than skipping altogether. Force yourself to do some cardio or a calisthenic-style workout to shock your body and get back to normal even quicker.
  4. Dress the Part: If you just came home from wearing the same tank top and cut off jean shorts for the last three days straight, it’s time to switch things up. If you wear a suit to work, bust out something fancy. Even if you work in a casual environment reach for some fitted trousers and a nice button up shirt. This is supposed to motivate you. You earned that weekend of hardcore partying, but now it’s time to get back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Lastly, be aware of how many times you bring up what you did last weekend, sometimes people aren’t as interested as you wish they would be.

Let us know what you do to stay motivated after a big weekend in the comment section below!

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