The Future You: Rogaine®

Today we are talking about a subject that not to many men like talking about.  It’s something that us as Gentleman are well aware of, and many have even gone through or seen our fathers/grandfathers go through it.  We are talking about losing your hair, that’s right hereditary hair loss!

First off, we want to send a huge thank you to Rogaine® for sponsoring this content! According to research, 32% of men under 35 experience hereditary hair loss.

Hereditary hair loss is a progressive condition. If you don’t do something about it, you’ll continue to lose more and more hair over time. Yes Gentleman,  YOU can do something about it, and we want to show you how!

We worked with Rogaine to create these mock-ups of what my future self would look like with hereditary hair loss.

george-before george-after

If used regularly (twice daily), Rogaine® Unscented Foam (available at Walgreens) can treat hereditary hair loss and help keep you looking your absolute best. Also, check out this funny video of the #FutureYou!

Be a fella who takes charge of his future self, and do what you can to prevent that unwanted crown from forming! In case you need more info on how to use it, or why, take a look at the video we did on our YouTube channel !

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