The Jacket Every Guy Needs This Summer

It’s a classic piece that you ought to already own.

The denim jacket is one of the oldest and most classic pieces in American menswear. When the workwear movement spread across the world, Americana-inspired workwear pieces started being created by the highest end designers on Earth.

A denim jacket is heavy enough to keep you warm on a summer night, but light enough to not be uncomfortably warm on a mild day. They’re also able to be styled in a TON of different ways. Here are a few ideas…


If you’re doing just about anything this summer that isn’t required to be formal, a denim jacket is perfect. Style it with a t-shirt, some chino shorts, and some low profile sneakers for a simple look that’s still extremely stylish.


Denim jackets are a great piece for styling a slightly more formal outfit. If you have a date or are looking for an alternative to the traditional suit and tie, try one with an oxford shirt, a knit tie, darker chinos, and loafers.

In between

One of the most bankable ways to style a denim jacket is with chino pants. It offsets the look and creates a nice contrast between the top and bottom of your look. Add in some worn-in oxford shoes and you’ll look like an English gentleman with an Americana flair.


I would hope that by now you all realize that with classic looks you should aspire to copy the greats, i.e. Lenny Kravitz. His impossibly cool, laid back style is exactly what denim jackets are all about. If you are willing to go denim on denim, a great way of mixing it up is to wear different washes of denim. Do a darker pant and a slightly lighter jacket with a linen shirt and your top 3 buttons undone. It’s also totally acceptable to wear boots in the summertime! Just be sure you consult the weather report.

Ultimate Summer

This guy wins summertime. An all white base layer is a perfect way to let the shoes and your jacket pop off with their color. Also, if you’re not in the mood to try and make your hair work in the humidity, throw on a lightweight straw hat and call it a day! You’re ready for whatever the day throws your way.

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