The Jacket Trend You Need To Be Aware Of

Bold moves are for bold men. Are you man enough?

Famously worn by Ryan Gosling in the critically acclaimed movie “Drive” and flying off racks this season, the Souvenir Jacket is a bold statement indeed. Rocking satin is sure to make everyone know you’re a risk taker with a keen eye for fashion. It’s also a great jacket to pop bottles at the club…you know, to cement the baller persona you’ve amassed.



Following WWII, American and Japanese soldiers used surplus parachutes to make unique bomber style jackets. These jackets often featured embroidered military inspired designs and tattoo styles from both cultures. The jackets became a fashion craze in Japan that was popular with the youth of the time. The jacket then became the Japanese version of the American greaser leather jacket. They were eventually pushed far back into closets to collect dust for the next few decades until this year when brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent rolled out their own designs of the jacket at their runway shows during Paris Fashion week.



How to Pull it Off
Louis Jacket


The vibrant colors and designs of the jacket often intimidate fashion lovers as they can be lost on how to tackle the look. However don’t be scared, as the jacket is proven to be quite versatile and fun. They make a great addition to a toned down look to add a splash of flamboyancy, perfect to go from dinner to the party.

Most of these jackets feature dark colors such as black, navy blue or blood red so sticking with darker accents is your best course of action. Darker jeans or chinos are best as they won’t take away from the jackets vibrancy. As for underneath, you can stick with a basic black, grey or white t-shirt to allow the jacket to do all the talking. For colder weather go with a hoodie, crew neck or even a turtleneck to really boast the vintage vibes. Complete the look by adding some class with a dress shoe. Anything from brogue to oxford in satin, leather or suede works well. If your looking for a more relaxed, street style minded look go for a pair of sneakers like the failsafe Roshe runner or Boost. Just make sure not to pick design heavy accents as they will infringe on the bold styling of the jacket.



Whether you are honoring the heritage of the jacket or going for a flashy pop, the Souvenir Jacket is a stellar addition to any gents wardrobe.






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