The Material That Everyone Should Be Shopping For

It’s no secret, but spring and summer fashion are incomplete without this stuff.

If you’re planning on dressing yourself stylishly this summer and you’re not currently the owner of anything linen, you’re doing something wrong. This classic material is absolutely essential for every man’s closet during the warmer months of the year. Not only is it comfortable and stylish, but mixed with a nice tan, it’s downright sexy.

How to Style…

Linen comes in all different styles. It doesn’t necessarily have to be billowy like you’ve probably seen in old movies and TV shows, although that style is still very much in play. Lots of brands have started creating slimmer silhouettes with linen. Wear it as casually as possible. Feel free to combine linen pants or shorts and a linen shirt for a full beach-inspired look. It should work fine for just about any summer event you have going on. You can also wear a linen shirt with some denim for a great summertime look.

You can even invest in a linen suit that’s going to get some excellent usage during the summertime. Summer weddings, dates, or boat parties all work perfectly with a linen suit. Otherwise, a slim fitting linen shirt can work well under a lightweight cotton or wool suit as well.

Don’t Fear the Wrinkle…

One of the best parts about linen is that when it wrinkles (man, does it wrinkle), it adds character to your look. Don’t feel like you have to be aware of keeping your linen from creasing with every move you make. Iron it before you put it on to start with a fresh look but understand that by the end of the day or night, it’s going to be wrinkled and that’s ok. Open up the top three buttons and make everyone aware that you couldn’t care less about those wrinkles.

Colors are Acceptable

Regardless of what you have going on, look to linen first and foremost. It doesn’t always have to be white or beige. Embrace darker colored linens as well like black or dark navy. These work wonderfully if you have an evening event or party to attend. Contrasting a dark shirt with some white or off-white pants is another excellent summer look.

Check out some of our favorite linen pieces below and be sure to tag #gentslounge if you post in it so we can see how you styled your summer linen!

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