The Perfect Investment Suit

Investing in your clothes is investing in yourself.

Growing older, we cross certain milestones. Puberty, our first legal drink, and making our first major purchases. One of these milestones ought to be investing in your first high quality suit. Certain trends and fits change seasonally, but for the most part, the suit is one of the few things in fashion that’s hardly ever changed. This is because the originators of the design just kind of nailed it. One said designer is Canali, founded in Italy in 1934, these tailors of fine suiting are meticulous about leading the way in design and fabrication. If you’ve never worn a Canali suit, you will feel the difference as soon as it rests on your shoulders.


The fit of a masterfully crafted suit is definitely the number one reason to invest. It will show from the moment you enter a room how a well-fitted Canali can steal all of the attention without being loud or obnoxious. Also, with the proper care, a well made suit will literally last you a lifetime. Buying something in a traditional fit and design is always smartest when spending the most money. Consider colors like charcoal and dark navy as they work with the widest range of shoes and accessories. It doesn’t need to be a solid color, either. Getting something with a slight pattern can work quite well to add a bit of character while not grabbing too much attention. Once you’ve accumulated a couple of classic colors, you can start to invest in bolder patterns and style choices.


It’s never too soon, but a great time to invest in a new Canali would be after your first big promotion at work. Coming into the office on your first day as an executive wearing a well-tailored Canali suit will immediately set the tone for the respect and attention you demand at the workplace. Another great time to invest would be for your wedding. Don’t go the route of renting an ill-fitting tuxedo, invest in something that will fit you better than you ever thought possible so you can look your absolute best. Canali also designs wedding suits for men. Your spouse will appreciate your effort towards looking your best.

Don’t buy cheap. Consider your purchase a reward to a 3rd generation family who’s worked all of their lives to perfect the sartorial arts. It’s something that will stay great forever.

By investing in your clothing, you’re investing in yourself. Take yourself more seriously and become a more successful person because you care enough to invest.

Be sure to check out Canali. You can shop online but finding a store or boutique near you that sells the brand is best so that you can feel the quality for yourself.

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