The Perfect Summer Statement Piece

These will have you covered…well, at least half of you.


Statement Trousers! When the weather is sticky and hot, it’s no fun to be a sweaty mess. It’s also not always acceptable to wear shorts and a t-shirt, which is why a great pair of statement trousers are a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

They can be styled with a simple plain tee, a slim polo shirt, or a traditional button up shirt. They’re a great way to make yourself stand out but also remain extremely stylish and comfortable. Also, if you don’t feel like spending the money on getting some new ones, feel free to break out your suit trousers instead. They’ll fit you perfectly and can be worn without the matching jacket for a new look.


Don’t be afraid of being too bold. While it may be a bit too intense to wear a solid pink suit, only the pants leave room for making the rest of the look casual and comfortable. You’ll turn heads, but they’ll appreciate your willingness to have fun and embrace the summer fashion mentality.

Clad yourself in a classically colored, boldly patterned pant, a bright colored solid, or both! As long as the fit is right, anything goes.

We always recommend no break in the pant (meaning the cuff stops above the top of your shoe), and if you’re willing, even allow for a bit of a crop above the ankle to let some of that summer breeze sneak in.

In terms of shoe choice, your options are plentiful. A low top sneaker, a clean dress shoe, a loafer, or a dressy sandal can all work wonderfully. If you go open toe, obviously be sure they’re in check.

Fun is the name of the game, so don’t be shy about rocking something bold this summer, gents!

Check out some of our favorite options below and tag us #gentslounge so we can see how you styled your statement trousers!

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