The Perfect Weekend Shoe

Staying stylish AND comfortable? Where do we sign?

We get it, you’ve worn dress shoes all week at the office. Now it’s time for you to take them off, put them in the closet, and forget they exist until Monday morning rolls around seemingly far too soon. Having a perfect weekend shoe thankfully isn’t that tough. You need something that’s versatile. Something that will allow you to fit in at a BBQ as well as at a semi-swanky lounge with your buddies. Enter the slip on sneaker.

Yep. The classic shoe that was originally designed so kids wouldn’t have to worry about shoe laces coming untied has grown up and is now one of the most stylish pieces a man can own. As with everything, there are certain brands and styles that reign supreme, but the great thing is they don’t have to break the bank. Sure, if you’ve got the money, splurge, but grabbing a pair for $50 is totally doable and equally as acceptable.

Here are some great examples of how to style your slip on sneakers…

Afternoon BBQ

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A clean pair of slip ons, a striped tee and some chino shorts will keep you as comfortable, casual, and stylish as possible sitting around the grill and throwing back a couple of cold ones. If all white shoes aren’t your thing, a pair of navy or black slip ons work great with this look as well.

A Day on the Water

Whether you’re doing some sailing or just happened to find yourself invited to a yacht party, some navy slip ons, a seersucker suit and a white tee shirt creates an excellently nautical vibe. Take the jacket off during the daytime and be sure to remember to apply some sunscreen!

A Long Day of Errands

Sometimes Saturdays are the only day we have to catch up on non-work related necessities in life. The ultimately versatile outfit is a classic white tee, some dark slim denim, and white slip on sneakers. With a look like this, you can also feel free to get a bit bolder with your sneaker choice. The classic checkerboard slip ons have made a major comeback, so if you feel so inclined…grab yourself a pair!

A Night Out/Date Night

If you’re headed out with the boys or to meet someone for a date, some leather slip on sneakers, jeans, a striped sweater, and a lightweight blazer is a great look. It’s stylish but not too formal and will allow you to offer your date your jacket when you’re out stargazing at the end of your evening. What? You don’t end all of your dates with stargazing? You’re missing out, dude.

Finding something that’s easily worn from day to night is extremely important for summertime. Especially if you’re the type of person to be away from home all day, you want something that will allow you to stay comfortable but also fit in where ever you go.

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