The Stylish Shoe That’s Here to Stay

Many thought they’d be a fad. Here today and gone tomorrow. That’s proving to be a miscalculation, so you need to get on board!

Anyone’s who’s remotely familiar with fashion understands that there are trends and fads. MC Hammer pants, JNCO Jeans and retro sports jerseys are just a couple of examples from the history of fashion.

When Chelsea Boots became hugely popular in the 1950’s and 60’s, they were worn by rock legends, artists and socialites. Being worn in the streets of the UK, their comfort and versatile design were largely responsible for the rapid gain in popularity. Now, they’ve resurged into the fashion world and show no signs of disappearing.

Brands of all ends have thrown their hats into the ring of the Chelsea Boot, with designs ranging from western style to city chic.

Chelsea boots are great because they can be worn with anything from a tee shirt and jeans to a tailored suit. It’s all about finding the right pair that work for each of these occasions. If you’ve got the money, there are very high end designer pairs available. If you’re budget balling then you can find a perfectly respectable pair for around $100.

Here are some things to consider for yourself when shopping for the perfect Chelseas:

When you’ll be wearing them:

If you plan on wearing them with a suit and tie, then you’ll want something in a polished leather or a fine suede. Also, a more European toe box that’s pointed like a dress shoe will look better with a suit. Lastly, you’ll want something that’s very tight around the ankle so that your tapered trousers can still fit over the top of the boot.

If you plan on wearing them with jeans and a tee, you’ll probably want something in a lighter shade of leather or suede. The toe can still be pointed, but you may not want to wear an extremely fancy looking pair. Something a bit more casual and subdued is better.

If you’re going to be riding in them (horse or motorcycle) or working in them (hard labor), getting something with a slightly wider toe box and rounded front edge is better so that they fit more closely to a traditional boot. These will be a bit more comfortable and break-in more easily.

Different styles will also have different soles, some leather, some crepe, some rubber. It’s really up to your preference but a rubber sole will obviously be better for a laborious environment and a leather sole is better for an office setting.

Here are several options out there on all different levels that we love right now:

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