The Suit That Will Land You the Job

…depending on your qualifications and interview skills.

Whether you’re selling penny stocks in a boiler room or attending a dinner meeting at the 21 Club, the pinstripe suit is a must have for the modern gentlemen. Be wary and pay close attention to fit and detail, as neglecting such may take your look from Wall Street bull to Al Capone at the Halloween costume party.

Choose Your Stripe

Theres a fine line (literally) between subtle elegance and intimidating flamboyance with pinstripes. While both are classic and stylish, they can only be worn in certain instances.

Classic Pinstripe

The classic pinstripe with fine lines and small gaps is perfect for an everyday business suit. It’s versatile and can go with many shirt and tie combos. This form of pinstripe is readily available in off the rack suits found at department and boutique stores.



Chalk Stripe

The Chalk Stripe is a must when wanting to flex your style and presence. It features thick white stripes with larger spaces between them. This stripe is synonymous with the high rolling brokers of Wall Street in the 1980s. Getting yourself one of these bad boys can be challenging as they are usually custom made or from higher end brands. Your best bet would be boutique shops or getting one made to measure.



Once you have settled on the right pattern for for your suit, your next move is to understand lapel size and buttons. Seeing as pinstripe suits generally make a louder statement than regular suits, you might wanna go for a wide or peak lapel. These lapels add an extra flair to the suit and embody the imposing look of the chalk-stripe. As for buttons, single breasted is a tasteful classic. They tame the suit and bring it together for a balanced look. However, a well done 4 button double-breasted jacket will make the suit really unique and stand out among others.





Suitable Pairings


Having obtained the perfect pinstripe suit for yourself, now its time to complete the ensemble. Shirt-wise you have a wide range of options, weather they be solid colors, striped, patterned or a contrast collar shirt, all match the suit beautifully. However, you will want to stick with understated colors such as grey, white, blue and sometimes pink. Any loud colors will throw off the balance of the suit. Accessory-wise, neckties of any form are a safe bet from collegiate patterns to solid and dotted. Make sure to match them to the shirt of course. Finally, for shoe pairings, monk straps are a stellar choice as they really embody the banker look, for the subtle look stick with a black pair, but to complete your look of flair, go for a brown pair.






Now that you understand how to master the pinstripe suit it’s time to go get yourself one. Getting everything you want for your suit as well as the right fit, your best option is going to a bespoke tailor. However if you wish to save the hefty price of such tailors head over to the department store to try your luck at an off the rack suit.

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