The Summer Accessory You Should Already Be Using

The sneaky helper that can make or break your look.

The weather warming up means that it’s time to break out the cropped pants and shorts, therefore letting those ankles breathe. It’s a excellent statement as well as a functional option to staying a bit cooler in the warmer weather. However there’s one thing that you shouldn’t be doing, and that’s going sock-free.

Everyone ought to have jumped on the no-show sock bandwagon by now. The booties that allow you to wear your dress shoes, low cut sneakers, and penny loafers with the look of no socks but the benefit of keeping your sweaty feet not-so-sweaty. One of the quickest ways to ruin a look is to let your shoes get soaked in sweat and start to stink. It will waft into the noses of everyone around you and quickly establish a reputation that you don’t want.

When getting a no-show sock, be sure that it’s lined with some sort of rubber or silicone strip inside the heel so they won’t slip. It’s terribly annoying when your no-show sock slips off and is wrapped around the arch of your foot inside your shoe. Also, be sure the toe area covers your toes enough that it’s not going to rub you awkwardly when your shoes are on. A loafer requires a smaller sock than a traditional dress shoe or lace up sneaker, so beware of what you’re getting. It’s a bad look to have the edge of your sock showing around the front of your ankle.

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The bottom, or stance, has a bit of the sock showing, which doesn’t look nearly as clean as the stomper joe or falke socks. However, the stance would work nicely with a boot or an athletic running shoe.

Don’t just buy the first thing you see. Take a second to recognize the sizing and design of the socks. Also, sometimes it makes sense to buy a smaller sock than your actual shoe size so they fit very snug.

Check out some of our favorite no-show socks below:

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