The Travel Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

We all have our fair share of complaints when it comes time to head to the airport.  Whether it’s packing, finding a ride, or getting through security, the airport is not a happy place for the majority of us.  What if I told you there was an accessory that can make the latter a hell of a lot easier?  Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you.

The times are changing, pants are getting slimmer, jackets are more tapered. I hope for most of us baggy sweats and cargo pants have been peacefully laid to rest. But between that swollen wad you call a wallet that will cause you hip problems, your keys who seem to embrace their job of poking your legs, and that phone that you always fidget with every time you sit down as to not crack the screen, slim pockets have become a real pain in the ass.

There have been those brave few who have attempted to fight this battle. Unfortunately most have come up short due to their utility costing them style points and vice versa.
Thankfully Toast Deux from Mbarqgo takes care of the former without compromising the latter.

Toast Deux is a dual sided holster that meets at the crossroads of raw elegance and bravado. The outer shell is composed of top grain vegetable tanned leather treated to withstand the rigors and responsibilities of the wearer and develop a beautiful patina with time and use.

It’s secure; both in itself and on your body. The compartments inside organize your life while covertly housing your multiple passports, government IDs, and cards to secret offshore accounts. The larger compartments can hold your phone, even the plus sized ones, and clandestine items.

It’s balanced to maintain a minimalist non-bulky profile should you need to rumble or evade capture.

No more stuffing phones in your back pocket and getting them broken or worse stolen. No more frantically searching for small must-have items at go time. No more back problems from wallets wad.


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What was your craziest travel experience?

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