This Classic Fabric Has Made a BIG Comeback This Fall

More evidence that fashion is as cyclical as ever.

It’s remarkable how fashion trends seem to be on an ever cycling pattern. Mad Men re-introduced the 50’s and 60’s as a trend, then the 70’s and 80’s had their turn. Now, the 90’s are back in full effect with heavy branding, wider fits, and lots of flannel at play. One of the most popular materials throughout all of these eras is corduroy. The rigged, velvety material has been used in everything from suits, trousers, vests, and jackets over the years, and lately it’s been making a major comeback.

Corduroy is a great material for cooler climates. It’s a bit heavier than cotton, so it won’t breathe quite as well and will keep you warmer. Traditionally, it was sold in wider, bigger cuts but with slim being more popular now, you can find it in modern designs as well. It’s a perfect alternative to denim during fall and winter. You can layer it or you can wear it more formally with dress shoes and a shirt and tie. The great thing about it is that you’re going to be setting yourself apart from everyone else by wearing a slightly uncommon fabric. It’s kind of like the winter’s version of linen.

Typically you’ll see it sold in earth tones like browns, dark blues, and greens. Some designers have been pushing the boundaries and offering brighter, bolder colors, as well. There’s even a new brand called The Cords – from the creators of Happy Socks – that sells nothing but corduroy.

Jump on the bandwagon early and get yourself something that is unique, comfortable, and extremely stylish for the times.

Check out some of our favorite corduroy pieces from around the web…

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