The Modern Trail Ft. Timberland Boots

Timberland has really stepped up their game lately. They have come a long way from being just the “yellow boot” brand.  They now offer a full line of stylish clothes, boots, sneakers, and even dress shoes for any occasion.  Whatever your “trail” is Timberland is ready to take it on.

For me, My “Modern Trail” is navigating the concrete jungle that is Los Angeles, California.  Fall in LA is great, it’s just cool enough to throw on some light layers but not cold enough to wear a jacket.  I decided to put together my ideal look for heading out in the city.

For the look, I paired some dark denim and a chambray shirt with theTimberland Skye Peak Vest and the Timberland Franklin Park boot.

Timberland Franklin Park boot

Timberland Skye Peak Vest

The vest is perfect for these LA temperatures, warm enough to keep a cool breeze at bay.  If the sun does happen to peek its head out it is easily packed away.

The Franklin Park Boot is perfect for almost any occasion.  The comfy and sleek sole makes running errands through the city a breeze.  The leather upper is casual yet dressy at the same time.  These boots work dressed up with chinos and a tie or dressed down as they are here.

***** This post was made in partnership with Timberland *****

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