5 Daylight Saving Afternoon Energy Boosts

Daylight Saving Time has come and gone. We’ve sprung forward and been robbed of that never more coveted hour of sleep. Monday afternoon is approaching and your body still isn’t caught up, right? Here are 5 options for a healthy drink to boost your energy and skip that awful coffee crash.

Green Tea

Green TeaIt’s probably not news to you that green tea is an excellent substitute for coffee in the afternoon. It’s going to give you more of a smooth energy boost which doesn’t include a crash at your date after work. Keep some packets in your desk and heat up some water around 2 o’clock for a nice boost to finish your day.



Nut Based Smoothie

Almond SmoothieIf you’re a guy who likes to squeeze in a workout during lunch, a nut based smoothie is the perfect afternoon pick me up. Nuts are packed with protein so they’ll provide a nice rush of natural energy without fear of a crash. Try keeping a natural protein supplement at your desk with a pack of raw almonds and some almond milk. Blend the three together with a Magic Bullet and you’ll race through the day’s finish line.



Peppermint Tea

PeppermintTeaPeppermint tea will not only freshen your breath after that onion laced sandwich you had for lunch, it will settle your stomach and provide a nice boost of natural energy. Most mint teas are naturally caffeine-free, so it won’t cause jitters and will keep you level headed for the remainder of your work day.






WheatgrassA quick and easy solution, wheatgrass shots are a rush of vitamins and natural energy to the system. Although the taste isn’t for everyone, it’s a simple shot that can be chased with a piece of gum or a glass of water to refreshen your palate. Grab one at the local juice stand or be hardcore and grow your own at home.




Lemon Water

LemonWaterAs questionable as it sounds, lemon water will actually provide a healthy amount of energy. The zest and juice of the lemon flavors the water and provides a healthy level of energy. No chance of crashing and kindest to the pocketbook, lemon water is a great thing to have at your desk all day long.

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