What to Gift Yourself This Holiday

You know what they say…it’s better to receive than to give. Wait, that’s not right…

If you’ve already checked everyone off of your holiday gift giving list, then congratulations! It’s an accomplishment to get all of your work finished before it’s too late and you have to suffer through the malls of America with the rest of the procrastinators. You’ve done a great job, therefore you deserve something special. It can be nice to gift yourself something as a job well done for the year of 2017. If you’re in the market for a little personal spoil, then look no further. Here are some great gift ideas for yourself…

Nintendo Switch

The inner-gamer in you will love Nintendo’s latest gaming system. It’s portable, so you can play it on your way to work or when you get stuck in traffic in your Uber. Whether you like sports games or RPGs, there’s something for everyone. Plus, show up to Christmas family dinner with your very own switch and watch your nieces and nephews drool with jealousy.


There’s no time to treat yourself to the latest and greatest sneaker than during the holidays. These new ADV sneakers from Adidas will be such a nice break for your feet from the dress shoes or boots you wear on a daily basis. Plus, they’re crazy stylish with anything you wear.

Lamarque Leather MOTO Jacket

Investing in a classic piece like this moto jacket from Lamarque is a great idea. Especially consider it’s currently 30% off. It’ll keep you warm during the winter months and stay in style for the rest of time.


If you’re ready to take your protein shake game to level 3500, invest in a Vitamix. Not only will it make your life in the kitchen way more fun, you can host a party and be blending up delicious concoctions all year.

Kiehl’s Grooming Kit

If you don’t already, let 2018 be the year you start taking your grooming more seriously. This kit from Kiehl’s will start you off on the path to looking your absolute best. We all know that keeping our hair in place during the gusty winds of winter can be tough. Let one of the bests help you out.

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