What Your Pajamas Say About You

Even your loungewear makes a statement.

It’s been a long day. You’re home from work with a full stomach from a nice healthy dinner, ready to jump into your PJ’s and watch some Netflix. What do you put on? If the answer is old sweats and a paint stained tee…you’ve got a lot of room for improvement.

Not a ton of guys realize it, but your style extends all the way to what you wear even when people can’t see you. Having the right loungewear can majorly benefit your levels of relaxation at the end of the day. There’s no better feeling than slipping into some high quality sleepwear as a reward for the hard work you accomplished that day. Believe it or not, wearing sloppy clothes will actually bring your mood into a sloppy place and cause you to be even lazier and less motivated. It’s all tied into your mindset.

Although high end designers offer absurdly expensive, hand made pajamas, it’s easy enough to find something of quality at a more affordable price. Figure out what you’re most comfortable in, and invest. Let’s break it down by a few different types of guy. Are you…?

A Man’s Man

The sheer idea of pajamas to a masculine man’s man may seem ridiculous. However, when you find something that increases your comfort and doesn’t make you feel like a wuss, your mind will be changed for the better. Look for something in a henley variety. The waffle material is extremely warm and comfortable, but still maintains a lot of masculinity. If you’re not comfortable wearing long underwear because of how snug they are, find some flannel pants that are loose but not baggy.

A Classic Gentleman

The classic gent’s style extends far beyond his suits and ties. His sleepwear should also fit the mold. Find something in a matching cotton set. The long sleeve button up and pant combination will feel just like the suit you wear every day, increasing your comfort levels but also allowing you to still feel like yourself. Imagine what you would’ve seen someone wearing in the 1800’s and copy that.

A Constant Casualist

As someone who only ever dresses casually, there are pajamas that will work perfectly for you. If you’re not already familiar with Modal, you’re welcome. It’s a fabric that’s softer than cotton and will change your life for the better. Find a t-shirt and pant combo made from these materials, just don’t let yourself get convinced that they’re ok to wear out of the house. You’ll be tempted…trust me.

A Free Spirit

If you’re the type of guy who refuses to wear a shirt inside the confines of his own home, let me introduce robes. A great robe is like a great suit. You get more and more comfortable in it the more it’s worn. There are options in all sorts of soft fabrics from cashmere to cotton. If you have a dog and have to take it outside in the rain or snow, they even have hooded robes! This is a great option to keep you warm but also not require you break your golden “no shirts in the house” rule.

*Onesies have become a lot more popular in the last few years. They’re acceptable if you’re comfortable in them. Just be sure to size up. A onesie that’s too snug will pull at your neck when you’re sitting down.


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