Whiskey Tasting: The Glenlivet 25

When the age statement on your whiskey is old enough to smoke cigarettes and buy lottery tickets you know things are getting serious.  There are a few things you can tell by age statement alone, and no, whether it’s good whiskey is not one of them.  What you can count on however, is it will be outrageously expensive and most likely come in some very cool packaging.  Once again, older isn’t always better.

When it comes to the Glenlivet XXV, older is quite good.  Is it worth the $350 price tag? Well that’s up to you.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Rich. Cherry, dried herbs, and cooked fruits with apple.

Palate: Thick and smooth. There are notes of chewy caramel and nuts with dried fruits coming through in the end.

Finish: Long and rich with a touch of spice.

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