Why Are Sneakers Getting Uglier?

We went from simple and clean to…damn, look at those.

Balenciaga’s Triple S Sneaker

When it seemed like subtle, simplistic sneakers from brands like Common Projects, Greats Brand, and Clae were poised to rule the scene for awhile, pairing beautifully with suits, jeans, and shorts alike, a shift has occurred. We’re now entering the world of ugly on purpose in the sneaker scene. High end designers and fast fashion houses alike are pumping out some of the strangest, most stylishly hideous silhouettes ever seen.

Not surprisingly, at the forefront of this trend are two of the current sneaker trailblazers, Balenciaga and Kanye West. There’s something so unapologetically ugly about these styles that they are inspiring consumers to spend $720 or more on a pair.

Yeezy Wave Runner 700

The newest Yeezy, the Wave Runner 700, is set to release on November 1st and will undoubtedly sell out in a matter of minutes. The retail value is $300, but you can bet that resellers plan on snatching a major profit on resale value.

Even Zara has released a new pair of sneakers inspired by the ugly fad, which suggests that the trend might be so hot that it will burn out before sticking around for too long.

What are your thoughts on the new ugly sneaker trend? How would you style these? Let us know in the comments!

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