You Only Need These Two Shoes This Summer

Yep, you read that right, with these two, you’ll be set all season.

Summer is an exciting time of year. The weather warms up, we lose some layers, hopefully you get some sun, it’s great. Dressing in the summer can be tough, though. If you live in a humid climate, what your wearing can drastically affect your mood and appearance.

Thankfully, your shoes are one thing that are a safe bet for the season. Regardless of the heat, these will keep you stylish and comfortable, which is the key to looking your best.

White Low Top Sneakers

Yep. The most classic athletic shoe available is still the go-to for summer. These are wearable at in a casual office environment, at a weekend BBQ, or even with shorts at the beach. There’s no end to the possibilities of outfits you can throw together with some clean white sneakers. Some people even enjoy letting them get a bit dirty, which is great as long as you’re not trying to wear them to the office or a party at your boss’ house.

Cap Toe Oxford

The original dress shoe. It’s the most classic and timeless footwear in men’s fashion. These are perfect for any occasion you have going on that’s too formal for white sneakers. For example, a wedding, even at daytime, isn’t an appropriate place for sneakers. If you work in a more formal workplace, cap toe oxfords are a great way to stay formal without overdoing it. These also work great with jeans and a linen shirt on the weekend. If the cap toe isn’t your thing, feel free to venture into wingtips or plain toe as well.

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